Seamless Implementation and Project Management

In Medical Transcription, accuracy and dedication must meet the global standards and they are the two key factors that can never be compromised upon at any given stage. The field has vast foothold all around the world and to come up with customized implementations that result in expertly managed, effective projects is quintessential. Over the

Obama Names New Federal Chief Technology Officer

President Obama tapped as the federal government’s chief technology officer Todd Park, who had been serving as the CTO at the Department of Health and Human Services. Park replaces Aneesh Chopra, the government’s first CTO, who resigned last month [see Aneesh Chopra Resigns as Federal CTO]. Chopra also had been serving as the associate director

Dispelling myths about EHR and up-to $44,000 ARRA incentive

As you likely know, 2011 was the first pay-out year for doctors choosing to implement EHR (electronic health records) and choosing to take advantage of up to $44,000 in ARRA incentives. Over $2 billion has already been paid to providers and hospitals for achieving meaningful use in 2011. That includes chiropractors. I’ve been fortunate to

Obama On Health Insurance Reform: ‘I Won’t Go Back’ (State Of The Union Excerpts)

In his State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama made just one explicit mention of the 2010 health law. Here is a transcript of the few parts of his speech that mentioned health care issues: Innovation also demands basic research. Today, the discoveries taking place in our federally-financed labs and universities could lead to

10 health IT wishes for 2012

It’s easy to make predictions about health IT for the year to come, but what if someone asked what your IT wishes were for 2012? What would you like to see happen most in the health IT space? We asked Wendy Whittington, MD, a practicing pediatrician and chief medical officer of Anthelio Healthcare Solutions, to

E-prescribing doesn’t always reduce errors, new study says

Despite what you’ve been told all these years, your dreadful handwriting is not the only cause of prescription mistakes. In fact, a recent study suggests that outpatient computer-generated prescriptions may be just as error-prone as your old paper versions. That study found that nearly 12% of the computer-generated prescription—all of them from nonhospital physician offices—included

5 Strategies to Combat Health Reform Pressures

Health plan executives say their three major challenges are figuring out how to deal with healthcare reform, the health insurance industry’s systemic shift from wholesale to retail CBD hemp oil business and bending the cost curve. Resolving the challenges will require health plans to shift their focus from group to individual sales, identify and test

GAO says VA not transparent enough

The Veterans Administration’s new resource allocation process uses a standardized electronic model, but the transparency of networks’ decisions for allocating resources to medical centers is limited, a new GAO report concludes. [Editor’s Desk: This Week in Government Health IT.] In its April 29 report, GAO recommends that the VA require networks to provide rationales for